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Value added services from professionals for professionals

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In Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland is where FIEGE operates one of the largest regional distribution centres for a globally-active multi-national technology group

Be it for an office, a hospital, communication media or cutting-edge information technology – the products that we handle for our client in Dąbrowa Górnicza are found in just about all areas of life. Having to process the warehouse and shipping logistics for a product range that encompasses over 55,000 articles is thus quite the intricate task. Our key to success: a solid organisation paired with years of experience.

Logistical success story

The innovative enterprise has been trusting in the services provided by FIEGE since 1998. The responsible Central Eastern Europe (CEE) Business Unit seems to have shaped its growth alongside that of its very first client. “We started out with seven employees and an old-fashioned warehouse that was only just 2,000 square metres in size”, Dawid Kałamała, Branch Manager at FIEGE CEE in Dąbrowa Górnicza reports.

After the turn of the century, order volumes continually increased and the area reserved for this at FIEGE grew accordingly. In 2007, the logistics centre relocated to Dąbrowa Górnicza – yet the true challenge should present itself only ten years later: “At the time we were running at 95 % of our capacity and the customer informed us of their intention to again double operations”, Kałamała recalls. The solution from those in charge was nothing less than a logistical feat: “Within six months, we reorganised the entire logistical processing and ultimately moved every single item for this – all while normal business was ongoing and without any drawbacks to our routine operations.”

Today, around 35,000 square metres are dedicated to the technology group at a cutting-edge property which serves as a regional distribution centre for the entire eastern European region. Moreover, FIEGE CEE is present at a further 17 locations in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and Hungary.

Broad product portfolio

The product range stored here encompasses products from 46 different technology sectors. “We store, pick and ship just about everything except food”, the Branch Manager says. Around 60,000 shipments for the B2B market leave the branch every month to head for the Baltic region, the Balkans and, on occasion, even the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These shipments even include medical products that are handled according to strict hygiene protocols and which therefore are processed in a temperature-controlled zone.

Made-to-measure value-added services

A particular challenge for the team in Dąbrowa Górnicza is the high level of customisation. “The entire service offering, from inbound goods to pick&pack to outbound logistics, is customised to the customer’s very needs. Also, we add value to around 40 per cent of the goods by performing special services”, Kałamała adds. This includes attaching labels featuring the respective language of the destination region to these products: “On arrival, we have no idea where an item will be shipped to later. We therefore print labels on demand and daily”, is how the Branch Manager explains the elaborate system.

Teamwork is key

A crucial success factor in Dąbrowa Górnicza is the outstanding team spirit. “Most of our 162 employees have been with us for more than five years, some even from the very first hour”, Kałamała reveals. The close and excellent cooperation is marked by a mutual exchange of information which also simplifies the induction of new colleagues. This pays off not only at the workplace, but also on the football pitch: The branch has reaped multiple successes during the FIEGE Soccer Cup.

And the client, too, is part of the team: “He has a few offices at our branch. Our contacts always join us during shopfloor meetings or internal workshops”, Kałamała says. All performance indicators are openly on display on boards during day-to-day operations for the customer to be informed at all times of everything that is happening at the warehouse.

A welcome change

In almost 25 years of the cooperation, FIEGE’s CEE team has proven time and again that is knows how to adapt even to changing requirements: “We aim to be an innovation driver for our clients. New challenges and the constant search for creative logistical solutions fuel this”, Kałamała adds.

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