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Luftaufnahme Haribo Zentrallager

Food Logistics: Where Goldbears rule

- Business Operations

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Haribo partners with Fiege for central warehouse logistics. We take a look behind the scenes of food logistics.

Kids and grown-ups love it so – the happy world of Haribo or Haribo, c’est beau la vie – pour les grands et les petits: No matter where in the world, Haribo’s signature jingle is a well-known slogan. Haribo has been producing delicious treats for children for over 100 years already. And not only in Germany, but worldwide. Haribo-Holding GmbH & Co. KG, the company of Hans Riegel from Bonn, has grown into a leading international brand. What used to be a courtyard laundry in Bonn has become a holding with 16 locations and a 100-country spanning distribution operation.

In North America, Asia, the Middle East, Japan or Australia – Haribo Goldbears, liquorice wheels, and MAOAM are everyone’s favourites. How did they make it there from Germany? Fiege is the one to answer this question. After all, the Greven-based family business has been supporting the confectioner and its logistics since 2003, initially at the central warehouse in Cologne-Eifeltor. In 2017, the head office moved together with its production and warehouse to the Rhineland Innovation Park in the parish of Grafschaft – and took Fiege along with it.

Food logistics from professionals for professionals

Managing the 50,000 square metres-large warehouse in Grafschaft in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate puts the international logistics group in charge of material flows at Haribo’s biggest central warehouse. That is where the entire output from the factories in Solingen, Neuss, Bonn and other European countries is dropped off. Every day, 48 ramps welcome around 3,500 pallets, with 4,000 leaving again on the same day. Each of them weighs an average 600 kilogrammes.

“We move the merchandise, compile the products by order and then send them off on their journey again – by truck or overseas container”, the branch manager Jan Fielbrandt explains. Product refinement is also part of the service provided. The confectionary is packed onto sales displays or sorted into brand displays.

Innenaufnahme im Haribo Zentrallager

Strict hygiene requirements in food logistics

No matter what, it is important to ensure the soundness of the famous fruit gums and chewy sweets because as a food manufacturer, Haribo must comply with high and internationally uniform hygiene and quality standards. All process flows at the central warehouse in Grafschaft have also been certified to IFS Food Standards.

“The client demands the highest quality of its supply chain: from production to storage to transport to the end customer. That rubs off on our team. They all put their heart into the matter and are very committed”, Fielbrandt is delighted to say about the dedication of his 100-strong team.

Automated logistics for consumer goods

With its 44 metres high, 100 metres wide, and 120 metres long high bay where around 100,000 pallets are fully-automatically stored and retrieved, the location has quite literally a huge distinguishing characteristic. “The sheer dimension of the facility and the level of technology is second to none”, Fielbrandt muses.

Special three kilometres-long pallet conveyor technology running on two in-floor conveyor systems allows employees to efficiently handle offloading and loading. Technology then takes care of the biggest part of the movement.

For Fielbrandt, the next project is Pick-by-Voice order picking: “We have already been working paperless for years. We now plan on introducing the next level: away from handheld devices towards guided order picking by voice.” These optimisation proposals are not only accepted by Haribo, but expressly called in. “We intensively work on logistics and upgrading it and offer our client continuous improvement within their value creation process”, Fielbrandt explains further. But the client, too, forges ahead with optimisation initiatives and challenges its service provider. One way or the other: an experienced team!

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