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Fiege Landi

FIEGE delivers for LANDI

- Business Operations

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For roughly 15 years now, FIEGE has been a strategic ally of LANDI Schweiz AG. At the central warehouse based in Dotzigen (CH), the Greven-based logistics company readies deliveries for shipment, safely loads them, and takes charge of the retailer’s national distributions.

In Switzerland, every child is familiar with the name LANDI. Next to Lindt & Sprüngli, Ricola or Rivella, the retailer is one of the country’s most well-known brands. LANDI stores are part of LANDI’s 183 cooperatives and stock companies which form a consortium together with the fenaco cooperative. Fenaco supports agriculturists with developing the financial side of their business. The agricultural products are used, amongst other things, to produce quality beverages and foods which are marketed via a range of channels, including LANDI’s retail trade.

The logistics for LANDI stores is handled by the company’s own services organisation, LANDI Schweiz AG. “In the past, we had multiple small warehouses that took care of this. But the considerable growth of our business led to our decision in 2007 to invest into the large-scale expansion of our central warehouse”, Daniel Petermann, Head of Logistics at LANDI Schweiz AG says. A strategic ally was sought for the national distribution from Dotzigen and they quickly found a perfect match in FIEGE. “And we have not regretted that decision to this day”, says Petermann.

Great trust on both sides

A challenge for the Greven-based logistics company was the high frequency of delivery according to the transport assignment: “Depending on the size of the respective LANDI store, they need to be supplied between once to three times a week. This calls for up to three lorries per drop”, Petermann adds. Moreover, LANDI experiences seasonal peaks in spring and must secure availability even before public holidays which is why a lot of experience is required on the side of the service provider. “FIEGE’s materials planning team is very experienced, and large parts of the logistical and driving crew have been working there for many years. Employees feel committed to our company”, is how the Head of Logistics describes the situation.

The central warehouse has around 35,000 square metres of space and a high-bay store with some 55,000 pallet spaces plus an automated container storage system for small parts and spares. LANDI oversees incoming goods, warehousing, and order picking itself. FIEGE comes into play for the distribution across Switzerland: “This also includes readying picked orders for shipment and an efficient loading performance to avoid carrying nothing but air.” Around 60 lorries leave the building every day – per year this equals 500,000 pallets.

Fiege Landi

Partnership on a par

LANDI handles around 60 per cent of all warehouse operations in Dotzigen. “FIEGE is system relevant for us when it comes to distribution. The cooperation is defined by transparency and openness”, adds Petermann. In the meantime, the company has also taken on parts of procurement logistics and additional services at other locations. And even the planning of the logistics property at the site in Lahr (DE) north of Freiburg which LANDI has been managing together with ZG Raiffeisen eG since 2015 was led by FIEGE Real Estate. “We are able to mutually push one another to achieve our best, thus ensuring continued improvement and sharing growth”, is how Petermann sums things up.

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