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Impfung Betriebsarzt
A quick jab: Company doctor Melanie Bubikat administers the coronavirus vaccine to Guido Veltel (l). (photo: FIEGE)

FIEGE cooperates with company medical centre to administer vaccinations at Reckenfeld location

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The logistics company FIEGE, together with the Greven company medical centre has set up its own workplace vaccination programme at its location in Reckenfeld. Other businesses also use the facility to vaccinate their staff in an effort to protect them against the coronavirus.

Greven, 17 June 2021. A quick jab is all it takes. “That’s it”, says the company doctor, Melanie Bubikat. “I’ll see you again in six weeks’ time.” And so, Guido Veltel leaves, after having been administered his first Covid-19 vaccination. Veltel is number 151 on FIEGE’s vaccination list at the Reckenfeld location.

The logistics company is hosting its own workplace vaccination programme to offer a jab to as many of its staff as possible. The total number in week one came to 151. Additional vaccination programmes will and are to follow shortly, even at other locations of the family business.

“In principle we would be happy to make a workplace vaccination offer to all interested colleagues. We have therefore ordered the maximum possible number of vaccine doses of initially 800, followed by a further 600. Ultimately, however, we can only inoculate the doses that are in fact available”, says Fabian Wider of FIEGE’s HR department who is in charge of organising the vaccination programme in Reckenfeld. “It goes without saying that we are very grateful for all vaccine doses that are delivered. And working with the company medical centre has been fantastic.”

Giving it their all to fight the coronavirus: Fabian Wider, Melanie Bubikat, Dr. Gisela Winterberg and Mensud Shabaj (from left) coordinate FIEGE’s vaccination programme in Reckenfeld. (photo: FIEGE)[/caption]

151 vaccine doses by Biontech arrived in the first week starting June 7, the date as of when company doctors are officially allowed to administer the vaccine in Germany. An additional 72 doses followed in week two. Also, FIEGE’s vaccination programme is used by other local businesses that work with the company medical centre, such as Sahle. The city of Greven as a co-partner to the Greven company medical centre has also been vaccinating city employees at the FIEGE branch.

“I am pleased that we had the possibility to host a vaccination programme at our location together with the company medical centre and inoculate our staff”, says Blazej Janik, FIEGE Branch Manager in Reckenfeld. “For us, this vaccination programme is extremely valuable as it helps us to contribute towards containing the pandemic and coming one important step closer to normalcy. For this reason, we were happy to work with the company medical centre to ensure that other local businesses may also use our vaccination programme.”

One FIEGE employee who already received his jab is the shift supervisor at Goods Receipt, Hubertus Möcklinghoff. “I was thrilled to learn about FIEGE’s offer to be inoculated. Before that, I was unable to secure an appointment with my GP or at the vaccination centre”, he says. “It felt as if my entire family had already received their jab, except for me. That makes it even more precious that everything worked out so fast after all.”

To ensure that everything indeed goes well during the vaccination, four staff members from the Greven company medical centre and a further eight from FIEGE handle everything related to the vaccination programme. From registering to completing the immunisation record to transmitting the information to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), FIEGE and the company medical centre take care of it all. In this way, Guido Veltel, Hubertus Möcklinghoff and all the others who will receive their second jab in around six weeks’ time to contain the coronavirus will have a second stamp in their vaccination record.

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