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Carbon-neutral transport logistics at Fiege Forwarding

- Freight Forwarding

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Business unit offsets CO2 emissions


Knowing and reducing one’s own CO2 footprint: This is the goal which Fiege Forwarding has been pursuing as part of its strategy that was defined in 2015. Operations at all international facilities have been carbon neutral since 2020 because CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided are offset.

“We have been offering our clients carbon-neutral air & sea cargo shipments as well as road haulage since 2019, covering everything from small-sized deliveries to shipments for key customers”, Michael Völlnagel, CEO Fiege International Freight Forwarding says. “The fact that operations at our own offices and branches are now carbon neutral is the next crucial step for us.”

Fiege offers carbon neutral transport services nationwide for its International Freight Forwarding division. On request, clients can offset the full scope of CO2 emissions tied to transportation. This is made possible with the help of an integrated tool by ClimatePartner: Emissions from a customer order are pro-rated according to the distance covered and weight or volume transported. Clients thus receive fully automatically the offer to offset CO2 emissions for their shipments. Each client selects a climate action project it wishes to support to ensure the zero-emissions transportation of its cargo. In turn, the client receives a certificate which confirms CO2 compensation and identifies the chosen project.

Fiege now receives this certificate for transportation at its zero-emissions locations. “In a first step it is vital to know one’s own CO2 footprint and to create awareness amongst employees and partners in this regard. In the next step, we will do everything it takes to reduce our footprint. Whenever the elimination of CO2 emissions is not feasible despite all efforts, our clients can offset them through us, thereby ensuring carbon-neutral shipments”, Michael Völlnagel adds.

Fiege and its clients endorse high-value, internationally recognised climate action projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio with their carbon-neutral transportation choices. Climate protection projects are key in fighting global warming by demonstrably reducing greenhouse gases. Forest conservation or the expansion of renewable energies are two possible approaches here.

In addition, climate protection projects promote sustainable development in the countries hosting those projects by means of, for example, improving the availability of clean drinking water or bolstering local infrastructures, creating jobs, and preserving biodiversity.

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