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Brownfield or greenfield investment – where is the journey headed?

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MA students from Münster’s University of Applied Sciences analyse Fiege Real Estate corporate strategy

“How should Fiege Real Estate position itself now and in future with regard to brownfield and greenfield investments?” That was the central question of a project authored by twelve master’s degree candidates studying Real Estate and Facility Management at Münster’s University of Applied Sciences, and the Greven-based logistics company during this past winter semester. They recently presented the results of their analyses and interviews ­– for the first time digitally.

Research based on analyses and interviews

The project examined Fiege Real Estate activities for brownfield and greenfield investment options. While brownfield refers to the conversion of industrial wasteland, greenfield describes real estate projects on undeveloped land. For this, the junior recruits drew up a market and supply analysis. This then served to conduct numerous interviews with municipal and business stakeholders so as to compare, in a next step, their interests, prospects, and success factors.

The students then employed a SWOT analysis to establish the strengths and weaknesses of Fiege Real Estate, as well as its opportunities and threats within the market. They reconciled their findings with key factors such as the need for space, or the progress of returns within the Federal Republic of Germany.

Findings presented for the first time in digital format

The students presented their recommended actions plus a strategic work schedule under the lead of Kai Alfermann, Managing Director Fiege Real Estate and lecturer at Münster’s University of Applied Sciences, to corporate management in December. Amongst other things, they recommended establishing a knowledge base, the ongoing screening of the market in interesting logistics regions and with regard to innovations within the sector as well as strategic marketing and public relations in real estate.

The Covid-19 pandemic meant that the final presentation was held for the first time digitally. “The project with its practical orientation in combination with the final report in digital format proved a complete success”, a pleased Kai Alfermann said.

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